Shishu Nistha Niketan

Shishu Nistha Niketan

The School with a difference

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education Affiliation No.1230017

Kwakeithel Mayaikoibi, Imphal-795001, Manipur


Registration open for class XI SessionĀ 2024-25. Click here to register.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (2023-24) Imphal West

Sl. No.ClassRegistration Amount (2023-24)Annual charges (2023-24)Total (Reg+Annual)Tuition Fee (2023-24)
1.NursyRs. 3000Rs. 9200Rs. 12200Rs. 1550
2.LKGRs. 3000Rs. 9700Rs. 12700Rs. 1550
3.UKGRs. 3000Rs. 9700Rs. 12700Rs. 1550
4.IRs. 4500Rs. 13500Rs. 18000Rs. 1850
5.IIRs. 4500Rs. 13500Rs. 18000Rs. 1850
6.IIIRs. 4500Rs. 13500Rs. 18000Rs. 1850
7.IVRs. 4500Rs. 13500Rs. 18000Rs. 1950
8.VRs. 4500Rs. 13500Rs. 18000Rs. 1950
9.VIRs. 5000Rs. 15800Rs. 20800Rs. 2150
10.VIIRs. 5000Rs. 15800Rs. 20800Rs. 2150
11.VIIIRs. 5000Rs. 15800Rs. 20800Rs. 2150
12.IXRs. 5500Rs. 18800Rs. 24300Rs. 2400
13.XRs. 5500Rs. 18800Rs. 24300Rs. 2400
14.XI ScRs. 5500Rs. 20100Rs. 25600Rs. 2750
15.XI ArtsRs. 5500Rs. 20100Rs. 25600Rs. 2750
16.XI ComRs. 5500Rs. 20100Rs. 25600Rs. 2750
17.XII ScRs. 5500Rs. 19150Rs. 24650Rs. 2750
18.XII ArtsRs. 5500Rs. 19150Rs. 24650Rs. 2750
19.XII ComRs. 5500Rs. 19150Rs. 24650Rs. 2750